What is SCIG?

SCIG is subcutaneous immunoglobulin meant to treat Primary Immunodeficiency. The development of our system pioneered subcutaneous administration of immunoglobulin. EMED has created SCIg60 - the latest of a family of infusion platforms to optimize its delivery. 

Design and Safety

SCIg60, a clinically engineered system with great features that improve your infusion experience.

Personalized Control

Flexibility that meets the requirements of SCIG protocols


Performance improvements, convienent updates, and improved safety.

Affordable Quality

A way to optimize your therapy at an affordable cost.


Devices that help you do more every day.

SCIg60 brings key enhancements to your therapy that will change how you experience SCIg administration. The powerful built-in features on your SCIG family was designed to optimize clinical requirements.


A trustworthy needle.

Virtually painless needle insertion resulting from optimal needle design, meticulous manufacturing, and proprietary coating to let the needle glide into the skin.

Safety should be anywhere.

Proprietary, easy-to-use wing enclosure mechanism to facilitate safe disposal.



Unmatched simplicity that's long-lasting.

The SCIg60 infuser embodies simplicity that lasts years. The infuser requires no batteries and its design minimizes the number of moving parts to maximize its life cycle. From our chemically optimized polymers to a stainless steel spring, we have designed our system around safety and elegance.

A System that delivers.

Versatility to provide individual flow rates for multiple therapy conditions making selection even easier — and putting simplicity right at your fingertips.


Constant. Always.

The one and only moving part inside SCIg60 allows the pump to evenly distribute pressure over a long or short period of time. Other mechanical pumps require more than one moving part and therefore are more complicated creating performance and maintenance problems.


Uncompromised quality. Honest price.

With EMED's global partnerships, the ability to obtain quality materials and processes was both essential and streamlined. The global demand for our products has led us to create the highest quality and most affordable mechanical system available for SCIg administration.


Quality without compromise.

With the highest quality standards, our SCIG is the strongest, most durable and painless experience in the market. Materials and manufacturing processes follow strict protocols to ensure superior quality, prevent defects, and maximize patient experience.


 From sterilization to performance, SCIg60 is a system that has been heavily tested according to strict quality guidelines under ISO 13485 so that the product you receive is flawless.  

The most personal it has ever been.

With a variety of rate specific sets, SCIg60 offers the ability to customize your infusion treatment per your requirements. Our calculator tool enables clinicians to optimize prescription and reduce the number of needles needed for a specific protocol. Our needle set selection gives clinicians and patients the ability to choose a set that minimizes therapy time or number of needles as desired.


As personal as you.

The ability to adjust something to fit your needs is the most valuable trait for a product in the medical industry. An assortment of fixed rate sets provides additional options for less demanding clinical protocols.


Every aspect. Considered

The performance, rate, and settings are all able to be customized to your needs and your infusion. After all, this treatment is about you.