The Infuset is designed to maintain a constant flow rate during infusion. The Infuset is also the first rate set cleared by the FDA for use with subcutaneous Ig including, Hizentra, Gammagard, and Cuvitru. 

Rate selection optimized.

 The Infuset was designed with careful attention to detail. It is equipped with universal Luer Lock fittings. This allows for easy attachment of multiple devices. We have created technology that allows the Infuset to handle a wide variety of rates to meet clinical requirements and a wide viscosity range. 

Constant flow.

When crafting the Infuset we wanted to allow compatibility between multiple devices. Specific tests, demonstrated that the product is compatible with multiple mechanical infusion pumps, including the SCIg60. Infusets are optimized to work with Soft-Glide.

Quality polymers.

Easy connection.

Infuset is manufactured with superior polymers that eliminate chemical interaction with biologics. It comes equipped with a male and female Luer Lock to connect to virtually any needle set and mechanical pump.

Engineered tubing.

We crafted Infuset to allow patients to undergo fixed rate protocols. During the design phase, priming volume was minimized to reduce waste of expensive biologics.




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