The design of the Soft-Glide technology involved many factors that resulted in an unsurpassed patient experience. The needles were engineered with unique bevels and coated with a lubricant to minimize insertion resistance and preserve the quality. The patented wing design protects clinicians and patients after the needle is removed. Soft-Glide allows for the use of optimal flow performance with a wide range of fluid viscosity. The Soft-Glide family has the largest selection on the market to accommodate all ages and skin compositions.


needle gauges


needle lengths


needle set options

Not just high flow, optimal flow.

 Soft-Glide needle sets have been designed to provide optimum flow. We have carefully engineered the dimensional properties of the needles and tubing to provide the most complete flow rate options for an optimized therapy. Optimizing the needle curvature and bending process ensures maximum flow. Short tubing lengths were designed for faster flow while long tubing lengths were made in response to specific clinical requests. 


of needle diameter maintained


tubing lengths


smooth curvature

Safety at your fingertips.

 Soft-Glide technology has been carefully engineered and developed to create a positive patient experience. The optimized needle bevel and proprietary needle coating require reduced insertion force which minimizes tissue damage. Independent testing has proven that Soft-Glide needles outperform world leading brands. 




wall thickness


less insertion force

Wings into the future

 When compared to competitors, Soft-Glide is unmatched in comfort, safety, and ease of use. The unique translucent wings facilitate placement and stability throughout the infusion. We have sourced the best materials to create a proprietary, ultra-flexible, polyethylene tubing which minimizes chemical interaction with pharmaceuticals. 




pliable polymers


safety pins

No risk, no worries.

 Safety is something that can never be neglected. The easy-to-use mechanism eliminates the puncture risk when closing the wings after use. Soft-Glide enhances the user's experience from a safety standpoints. The Soft-Glide needle is designed to perform optimally with a wide range of fluid viscosities. The needle coating reduces friction between the needle and the skin.  

Not just a sharper needle. A better needle.

Soft-Glide needles are the sharpest needles on the market and therefore the most painless needles as shown by patients and clinicians. Multi-bevel angles, reliable needle construction, and proprietary coating for optimal needle performance all make Soft-Glide a truly special product.