It's easy to upgrade to EMED.

Everything about our products is designed to be easy. With just a few steps, you can migrate your old infusion system to a safer and simpler one. Contact our dedicated team of professionals — we’ll help you move to your new system and get you all setup.


Soft-Glide technology
Flow control
Optimal priming
Syringe compatibility
Regulatory Compliance

Moving to our SCIG system requires just three steps.

No need to go to through complicated processes, files, or procedures. In just three steps you can switch to the industry leader and change the way you experience infusion.



Contact your Pharmacy

Step 1

Contact your pharmacy and request the SCIG system. Swapping is available at no cost. Our devices are carried by most pharmacies and distributors around the world.

Step 2

Use our Support Pages to Transfer Seamlessly

Our support pages will provide you with all the information you need to start using SCIG. We also have archived documents such as IFUs and manuals to ensure your switch is as flawless as possible. Just like that.

Step 3

Get started with your new EMED System

Enjoy a superior system and optimize your clinical experience.

Contact the EMED Team for personal setup.

The EMED Team is available to assist you.