Control without compromise.


easy-turn dial


luer locks


dial positions

 While creating the proprietary VersaRate, our underlying objective was to develop a way for patients to be able to adjust the rate of infusion with versatility and efficacy. The end result is a proprietary device that meets clinical requirements. 

Control just a turn away.

 During the innovation process we set out to eliminate the undesired changes that are created from environmental and patient factors. The ability to control flow rate allows patients and clinicians to compensate for temperature changes and fluid viscosity in a simple and effortless way. 

added control
reduced environmental factor effect

Optimal therapy in a minimal form.

ergonomic dial
added control
reduced priming crystals

Designed for the patient.

 The purpose of the VersaRate is to offset and absorb the variations present when infusing the desired fluids. The large numbers on the dial allow for easy adjusting and viewing. The VersaRate allows the patient to optimize the infusion experience. 

Priming like it was meant to be.

 The development of this product was meant to assist the priming process. The proprietary mechanism allows the patient to easily control their infusion with the use of an easy turn dial. The VersaRate also allows the user to increase the flow rate during the priming process, therefore saving time during infusion preparation. The design of our unique flow controller reduces waste of expensive drugs and biologics.   

A better experience with every turn.

As the patient becomes accustomed to the VersaRate, the infusion will become much more efficient for less and more viscous pharmaceuticals. The ability to adjust flow rate for different fluids and environmental factors is a short, simple, and effortless task. 

Training easier than ever.

 VersaRate allows patients to use a lower rate of infusion the first time, which facilitates their training. This improvement creates therapy success after initial instruction.